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Empowering Property Managers, Service Providers, and Suppliers

With AI-powered automation and property/unit-specific catalogs, our platform makes procurement a breeze for property managers, accelerates growth for service providers, and streamlines sales for suppliers.

Giving Valuable Time Back

RE-OPS isn't just another marketplace – it's a powerful time-saving tool. Unlike other marketplaces, RE-OPS eliminates the time-consuming shopping process with standardized, pre-approved products specific to each property and unit. Improved order accuracy, AI-automation, and consolidated invoicing guarantee added time back into your day to focus on the aspects of your business that matter most.

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RE-OPS is a comprehensive marketplace solution for the property management
industry that brings together an extensive array of products and services
enhanced with AI-driven automation to streamline purchasing, increase

standardization and improve efficiency.

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AI Automation

RE-OPS uses AI-driven optimization that streamlines the entire procurement process, making it faster and more efficient while reducing order errors and the frequency and volume of small orders. 

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RE-OPS integrates with all major Property Management and Property Maintenance Systems, ensuring a streamlined process from procurement to delivery and maintenance. 

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Delivering Value with RE-OPS


Improved Order Accuracy & Automation




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Experience the RE-OPS platform –where all Multifamily industry partners unite to simplify operations and maximize opportunities.

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