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The RE-OPS Advantage:
A B2B Marketplace Like No Other

Connecting property managers, suppliers, and service providers in a one-stop digital hub, RE-OPS streamlines processes, amplifies efficiency, and opens new doors of opportunity for all participants.

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A Vendor-Agnostic Approach

No more toggling between multiple catalogs or calling your rep – our platform does the heavy lifting for you. We level the playing field, enabling informed decisions for property managers, and equal opportunities for suppliers and service providers.

Property Managers: Freely choose from a wide selection of trusted suppliers and qualified service providers.

Suppliers & Service Providers: Gain unbiased access to a ready market and showcase your offerings without limitations.


Streamline your procurement, fulfillment, and service delivery processes with our integrated platform.

Property Managers: Benefit from reduced errors and predictive analytics that guide efficient purchasing.

Suppliers & Service Providers: Enjoy streamlined order management and real-time updates, reducing fulfillment errors and boosting customer satisfaction.

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Scalability and Adaptability for All

Whether you're managing a single property, multiple units, or an entire service and supply chain, RE-OPS scales to meet your specific needs, adapting to various sizes and complexities in the Multifamily industry.

Property Managers: As you expand your property portfolio, our platform effortlessly scales with you, making it easier to manage multiple locations.

Suppliers & Service Providers: Whether you're a local provider or a national supplier, RE-OPS adapts to the scope and scale of your business, allowing you to expand your reach and customer base.

Benefiting Our Partners

At RE-OPS, partnership isn't just a word; it's a commitment that extends to every facet of the Multifamily industry – property managers, suppliers, and service providers alike. Unlike other platforms that primarily serve one party, we are dedicated to delivering equitable value to all. Through streamlining operations, enabling smart decision-making, and fostering financial stability, RE-OPS acts as a catalyst for mutual success across our marketplace.

Ready to Join the Marketplace
of the Future?

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