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A Multifaceted Partner for a Multifaceted Industry

Your all-inclusive partner in the Multifamily industry, bringing unparalleled value to property managers, service providers, and suppliers alike.

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Our Mission

At RE-OPS, we believe in delivering value that resonates across our entire marketplace. We're committed to simplifying complex procurement processes, providing actionable data, and ensuring seamless transactions.


We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all partnership. While other platforms may cater primarily to property management companies, we aim to provide unequivocal value to property managers, service providers, and suppliers alike.


Our mission is to be a universal partner, revolutionizing the Multifamily industry by bringing efficiency, transparency, and mutual benefit to all members of our marketplace.

Our Roots

RE-OPS was founded by veterans of the Multifamily industry who know firsthand the pain points of day-to-day operations.


We're not just another tech solution; we're an integrated marketplace engineered to solve the unique challenges faced by property managers, service providers, and suppliers.


With deep roots in the industry, we understand what it takes to bring value to each segment of the marketplace, championing the spirit of partnership in all we do.


Meet The Founding Team

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Phil Rodgers
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As a Private Equity Operating Partner, Phil

Rodgers successfully managed a portfolio of 17 software companies with over $120M in annual revenue. With a strong focus on start-ups and scale-ups, he led the M&A team and completed 9 acquisitions.

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Kevin George
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Previously holding CEO/COO positions at InfoTycoon and HelloPackage, Kevin is an expert in developing and executing go-to- market strategies. With a strong focus on start-ups and scale-ups, his experience and leadership have driven success in the industry.

Ready to Partner with RE-OPS?

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